The Gypsies debut cd...

1. Gypsy Girl lyrics

She said she'd want to be a gypsy girl
Join the Bourgeois-Z
She said she's out to see the world
There's so much for her to see

She's a nomad, She's a traveler.
Chase the mystery,
Race the moon across the sky
to the stormy sea,
Hears the mystic in the music,
Dancing violins.
Embrace the moment with abandon
and whirl away in dreams

She's the stillness in the chaos,
the rhythm in the stars.
She's the beauty in the fire
as the evening fades.
Knows her nature and her sunlight,
she's a renegade.
She's the movement and the storm
with the wind and rain

She's the dancer in the light,
the beat that never fades.
See her freedom know her soul,
just to hear her play.
She's the singer, distant voice.
A caravan at night
She's a stranger like no other
so whirl away in dreams

2. Sugarplum lyrics
Wish I was an apple swinging from a tree.
My baby walk by take a bite out of me.
Told me that she loved me called me sugarplum,
throwed her arms around me
thought my time had come.
She got religion had it once before
told me that she lost it on the kitchen floor.

My little lady, she's so sweet.
Ruby red lips and a freckle on her cheek.
Telling everybody it's a fine affair
Ain't your business,
but I'm getting my share

I got a little lady, she lives down South
Her lips so sweet, the bees swarm her mouth
I took my baby to the fishin hole
She like to fish, but she got no pole
Took my baby to the laundromat
Brought her in skinny and she come back fat

Told my baby I could make holler
Said she couldn't come if I wouldn't follow.
Baby said she loved me on the telephone,
tried to call her back but she wasn't home.
I went knockin on my baby's door,
thought I'd get lucky but there ain't no more.

3. Slide lyrics

I had a dream for a moment
But I just had to let it slide
I find safety in apathy
It's just not worth the fight
I know I'd rather feel this way
If I had to choose
I just want something to cling to
And I'd really like it to be you|

As daylight's turned down
I feel myself beginning to drown
As you're on your way
I find I've got nothing left to say

I've stopped trying to understand
I've stopped trying to make it better
There's no recourse in action
So I pay my penance in emotion
No matter how hard I try
I am left bruised
Salvation seems to skirt by
And I'm still lost over you

4. Pink Clouds lyrics

I can't read between the lines
Is there something you could say
We could talk about the weather
Won't you come outside today
How the silence deafens,
It just grows inside us
Watch the blue skies turn to gray
Just forget your past
Remember all your future
Won't you come outside and play

Just a smile from you
Can make the whole thing over
We could have a sunny day
I ain't got forever
Let's just make it better.
Even pink clouds go away

I can't read between the lines
Come outside your head and play
We could open up the present
And have a laugh on yesterday.

5. Skin lyrics

Come slip beneath me baby
Permeate my skin
You're like a good luck charm
Blowing in the wind.
You're like a traveler like my foreign affair
Always going somewhere
without a worry or care

You're like waves that come
crashing over me
So take the salt from my skin
Just keep pulling me in
Show me where I am and
lay me out on the sand

Come slip beneath me baby
Permeate my skin.
You're like the night
the way you slowly descend
You're like a Gypsy song, sweet harmony
Just keep setting me free
With a wild melody.

6. Blue Morning lyrics

Cold is rushing in, Crowd is pushing me
Traffic's choking me. Where are you today
Just some faceless place, Make it go away
I want it all to end. Fade it all to gray
Make it go away

Blue Morning
Shadows seeping through
I need more summer
Memories made of you
Changed seasons
Yellow's coming down
Blue morning... Blue

The emptiness routine, suicide machine
Lost on city streets, Where are you today
One more useless night, one more rainy day
I want it all to end, Make it go away
Fade it all to gray

Trees are bare outside, I'm so hard inside
Another hollow night, Where are you today
Just some useless place, Make it go away
I want it all to end, Take it all away
Fade it all to gray

7. Laredo Holiday lyrics

Hot and dusty west Texas dry
Creeping down the streets, the children hide
Language spoken here, of days gone by
A chance encounter there,
beneath a Texas sky

Laredo Holiday, West Texas sun
My Carmelita's house, We've come undone
Kick the dishes off, chase the kids outside
The kitchen table there, a taste of paradise

But don't you look to close, there's nothing
here to find, It's just an empty place, don't
read between the lines. Language spoken
here, of days gone by, a chance encounter
there beneath a Texas sky

8. Middle of Nowhere lyrics

I'll be on my way somewhere, someday
Don't know where I'm going
But all roads lead that way.
Gotta get out of this life
So I can be free.
Middle of nowhere is fine with me

If I could I would walk all day and night
Find myself at dawn in another place
I don't care what road I take
Out of this house, Out of this heartbreak

I'm sick and tired of this lack of grace
Sick and tired of seeing this face
I must run for my own sake
Middle of nowhere is fine with me

9. Conversation lyrics

When I find my way in this world alone
All the turns I took, Dead end roads
Like the colors on a summer's day
Expectations, they just fade away
I have not found my bed
My eyes are full of sand
I cannot speak
My throat is full of smoke

Conversation, conversation
and nothing more
Conversation, conversation
of life before

I carry yesterday like a dream
It all comes back to me the inconsistency
I let you in my world
divulging everything
And you surrounded me, saturated
I found my voice, I finally speak
And all the secrets are washed away in

The rain is coming down
Washed away the past
I'm barren but I'm drenched
Yet somehow free, the graceless state
That I was in, Well it's just history
But it comes back to me in

10. Wide Open Moments lyrics

Woke up the clouds were rolling
Rolling through my head
Looked outside the sky was falling
The kids were safe in bed
Someone knew the meaning,
But there's no meaning at all
You just live your life
Because the leaves will surely fall

It's those Wide Open Moments
That make me think that I'm alive
Those Wide Open Moments
of life

The headlines keep on changing,
but they don't change at all,
it's the same old story boys
Some will rise and some will fall
In those early moments
Just before the dawn
If you just crack it open
The truth comes on so strong

Woke up the clouds were rolling
Rolling through my head
Looked outside the sky was falling
The kids were safe in bed
Someone knew the meaning
But there's no meaning at all
We just live our lives
Like the leaves are gonna fall