"This album has a real “down-to-earth” quality, as these songs showcase rustic roots, a pioneering spirit, and offer a brew steeped in blues and dripping with poignant observations. The resulting musical concoction is charming and well-delivered."
Home Grown Music Network
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"The Bourgeois Gypsies play folk and twangy music in the same way that the Grateful Dead or Donna the Buffalo play bluegrass. Yeah, you can hear the elements of the genre in there, but that's just a base for a sound that's all their own. Think back porch music full of sing-along choruses and edgy riffs."
Taproot Radio
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"It’s full of good old-fashioned story songs. The kind you can relate to without really knowing why. The kind that draw you in for repeated listens."
Pop Culture Will Eat Itself
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"In fact, the entire CD never frets about fire and thunder, satisfied to amble contentedly in primrose and hyacinth, rockin' and rootin' about in the bramble."
FAME Reviews
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"If you're seeking musical excellence then you've come to the right place. If you're seeking intelligence in song writing then you've also come to the right place. If you hate the blandness in your music then this delicately seasoned and ever so slightly offbeat album will make you very happy. Easily matching major label product, well played and with the build quality of an Audi, this album ticks all the boxes." - Bluesbunny Independant Music Reviews See Full Review

" A wonderful, interesting, entertaining album." - Americana Music Times
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"This album makes me yearn for dust, wagon wheels, and crazy old fashioned striped socks. Maybe it’s the spirit of vaudeville coming through. Hope to cross paths with these troubadours a see a live show sometime. I predict an evening well spent." - Indie-Music.com
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"I wish I didn't know about this band's origins. Knowing that these folks are from a tiny mountain town and met at an open mic night has forever biased my opinion about their music. PS my bias is that they're awesome. The singer has got that boozy lounge sound and the band is spot on, they write catchy tunes and perform them like a group of world-renowned studio musicians." - Tupelo Honey (Top 20 Albums of 2008) See full list here

"From stripped down, gritty hill billy sounds to more polished folk rock, the Bourgeouise Gypsies bring a sound straight out of California with a diversity that includes slinky swamp music to music worth slipping on and listening to on your porch. Constantly gigging through juke joints and festivals the band is on the move and they are currently in Austin for a few select shows. For a sound that captures the traditional and nontraditional, check them out on bgypsies.com" - Austin Daze

"It’s sometimes quirky like the Zappaesque “Train Song”, sometimes tender like the bluegrassy “Can’t Lose You,” sometimes just acoustic guitar-driven with a wonderful female vocalist like “Bluebirds,” and sometimes blues/rock like “Gypsy Girl.” - Skope Magazine See Full Review

"Get yourself a copy of “Faulty Fairytales” so you can bring the free-living, mountain-loving, blues-folk-funk-rock into your home. The album will bring you into a fairytale world of bluebirds, and lovers, and life’s great wonders." - Moonshine Ink

"Kaisa MacDonald is kind of a blend of Joni Mitchell and Edie Brickell. She has that kind of Bohemian/folk vibe embodied in both of those artists. That being said, Kaisa is a pretty unique singer who requires a unique term. And so dear reader, I will venture to classify kaisa MacDonald's style and sound as soulfolk."
- Anti-Music See Full Review

“The Bourgeois Gypsies have fashioned a sonic hybrid of laidback Cali Blues and high-desert Folk that’s impressed everyone who's seen or heard them.” - CityBeat Cincinnati

“I like Bourgeois Gypsies because they make me feel like kicking back, being in the moment, appreciating my friends, kin, animals, the sunshine on my lawn, the laughter of the kids down the lane, the groove that comes from playing music without pressure. We don't have a whole lot of that on our cultural landscape
these days. That's why these folks are important.”
- Barney Quick - Indie-Music.com

"The Bourgeois Gypsies stick to what they're fantastic at: curiously artistic, oddly inspiring music" - OnlineRock.com

"This eclectic and folksy blues-rock is somewhat reminiscent of early 70's classics with its relaxed feel and melodic harmonies, yet incorporates the effervescence that today's blues-offers." - Moonshine Ink